After sales maintenance service

After sales maintenance

Curtain maintenance

Curtain cleaning

Service range

A platinum, diamond card members

Platinum member: free maintenance service coupon (valid for one year)

Diamond card member: free maintenance service voucher two (valid for one year)

Suitable areas: the city where the store

Service content

Curtain installation: door installation


1 ) Did not show the company's work, please refuse to serve, to guard against counterfeiting;

2 ) The company will not be responsible for any problems with the staff of the company;

3 ) When there will be noise generated by the cleaning machine, please understand;

4 ) Curtain surface stains suggest that the best in 3 days to contact the door for maintenance, to avoid the formation of stubborn stains, has formed the site of the stubborn stains, can not guarantee a complete cleaning;

5 ) Please show your membership card, the staff will be recycling.

Service vouchers use instructions

1、 Maintenance product type as the curtain.

2、 Maintenance content: curtain cleaning service.

3、Maintenance time in the product to the use of 8~10 months for the best.

4、After your phone booking, we will arrange the service staff, and you communicate to determine the specific site service time.